Some work of me on the topic aviation:
Meine Facharbeit:
Aerodynamisches Verhalten von Flügelprofilen bei Unterschallgeschwindigkeit

Some helpful programs and files:
Aviaglo - A glossary of aeronautical abbreviations and other data (ICAO codes...) - version of August 21st 2001
Coordinate Calculator - A small DOS program to calculate coordinates with the distance and the bearing from a known point.

Links about Flight Simming:
FlightXPress - Das deutschsprachige Flusimagazin
SimPilot-Forum - mainly about Airline Simulator 2
Nomissoft (Airline Simulator 2)

Links about Aviation:
See How It Flies - A new spin on the perceptions, procedures, and principles of flight | Reference for Aviation, Space, Design, and Engineering
Aviation Week's - Aviation News - ich glaub ich heb ab! - Aviation News and other stuff - aviation news and other (funny) stuff Civil Aviation Photography
Flugzeugbilder - Die deutsche Fotoseite für Flugzeug Spotter
Spotting in Duesseldorf
Westflug Aachen Luftfahrt GmbH & Co KG

Links about Flight planning:
Airport Charts of USA by DoD
EUROCONTROL - The European AIS Database - Charts of Europe
DAFIF - NGA: United States Flight Information File
Current Weather - Coded Observations - METAR TAF
Aviation - Weather - Page
NOAA - National Weather Service
NOAA - Aviation Weather Center (AWC)
NOAA Aviation Weather Charts, Winds, Sigmet, e.t.c.
United States NOTAM Office
World Aeronautical Database
more Aviation Weather Links - !!!!